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Unfortunately, the Jets Have to Keep Playing

Greg McElroy #14 of the New York Jets scrambles with the ball against the Arizona Cardinals on December 2, 2012 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The New York Jets defeated the Arizona Cardinals 7-6.

So, the fallout from the Jets' horrible, hilarious loss to the Titans on Monday night has included the "ascension" of Greg McElroy to the starting job, a vow to trade Mark Sanchez, and a promise to cut Tim Tebow the minute they can. All of that's fine and good, but there are still two more games left to go this season. We can't imagine anyone actually sitting down to watch those games, but they're going to play them.

The Jets host the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon, and if you are going to that game, we both salute you and feel a bit sad for you. (You can actually get into the game for about $25, a shockingly low figure for an NFL game.) Greg McElroy will be starting, Mark Sanchez will be on the bench, and Tim Tebow may very well be inactive and in street clothes. That's to say: We wouldn't recommend starting many Jets on your fantasy team.

The Chargers are even in worse shape than the Jets, falling apart all year and destined to fire their coach the minute the season ends. They at least have a competent starting quarterback in Philip Rivers, though he's not exactly tearing it up these days, either. This is one of those meaningless games that the NFL always has in Weeks 16 and 17, and it's actually the first time the Jets have had one of those in a while. (They were still in line for the playoffs last year, before losing to the Giants and the Dolphins down the stretch.) Which is a pretty good sign as to why Greg McElroy is your starter.

We're sort of rooting for the guy. He had a great sense of humor when we interviewed him about the Sanchez-Tebow thing in training camp — he certainly ended up with the last laugh on that one — and it'd be nice to see him audition for the backup spot next year, maybe to Michael Vick, maybe to Sanchez, maybe to Rex Ryan himself. But it's worth remembering that in the game he "won" against the Cardinals, he didn't complete a pass longer than seven yards. (We'll confess: We still think Tebow should be starting these last two games.) It's going to be ugly out there on Sunday on both sides of the ball. Fortunately, you're surely wise enough not to watch. Chargers 17, Jets 10.

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images