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Formative TV Experience No. 7: Chariots of Eggs

  • 9/29/09 at 2:05 PM

In high school, I was perhaps not quite as nerdy as Bill Haverchuck (although I did play Dungeons and Dragons, and since I am female, we need to grade on a curve here). But like him, after school, I tended to go in for extended binge-viewing of classic TV comedy, mainly SCTV and Monty Python, holed up in front of my friend Maria's VCR. Like any nerds, we annoyingly peppered all our private conversations with obscure references from the show ("like this cup?").

I still love SCTV, but rewatching those skits, so many seem oddly airless, parodying things about TV that aren't even around anymore. Bob and Doug McKenzie's Great White North skits in particular created a social craze of people screaming "G'day, eh?" — now I couldn't find one that really made me giggle.

However, I still do love this supremely silly takeoff on the Oscar-bait film Chariots of Fire, if only for the underestimated Andrea Martin's always deranged facial expressions.


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