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Gender Trouble

  • 9/16/09 at 6:26 PM

I was just finishing up a review of Californication, which is sadly gross this season (sorry, Duchovny fans). Anyway, Kathleen Turner gives what is truly the most humiliating performance I've ever seen by a guest star on a TV show. I've loved her self-mocking performances in the past — starting with The War of the Roses and working her way up to Chandler's transvestite dad on Friends, roles that satirized her deep voice and stylized va-va-voom, even once she no longer had the voom.

But the role on Californication is just depressing: She's a sexually harassing, vagina-dentata cougar who talks constantly about how wet she is. It's like Mae West written by Michael Bay. And there's no joke there — the joke is just that she's ugly and horny and old, a female boss who blares come-ons about "tube steak." It's so boringly misogynist it makes Entourage look like The Feminine Mystique.

Anyway, to comfort myself, I'm going to embed these young Kathleen Turner scenes from the very silly Steve Martin comedy The Man With Two Brains.


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