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The ’00s: The Greatest Decade in Television
Smart People Talking About TV, Part 1
second thoughts

Glee Glee

  • 12/11/09 at 2:04 PM

Glee, I apologize. I've been dunning the show all fall, the way some underminer might insult their innocent honey: You're attracted to the person, you just wish they were, you know, more perfect — so you can't help nitpicking, demanding more, even to their sweet, shocked face.

But this week's Glee finale made me feel bad for all the abuse, and not just because of the incredible "Rain On My Parade" number, which knocked me back into my Barbra Streisand–soaked childhood. So I might as well admit that I do, in fact, like the show, despite its significant flaws, especially now that I've gotten the thrilling news that Idina Menzel is onboard for the "back eight" episodes. I refuse to say "squee," but you catch my drift.


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