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Smart People Talking About TV, Part 1
Smart People Talking About TV, Part 3

Smart People Talking About TV, Part 2

  • 12/16/09 at 3:20 PM

Here's another great roundtable, this one of TV critics: the marvelous Maureen Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, and James Poniewozik. The first installment is filled with great Lost chatter.

My personal favorite moment was Ryan's analysis of the fan rage at the end of Battlestar Galactica, and some speculation about the Lost finale — with a sly Sopranos reference:

There were the people that wanted the whole mythology to add up correctly and make sense, and there were the people who wanted the character stuff to kind of wrap up. I was mostly in the latter camp. And so for me, I felt like there were a couple of wobbly things in the finale, but I was willing to live with them because the "Battlestar" finale really delivered, for me, on a character level.

Whereas, in the post-finale comments I was seeing, people wanted the math to add up. You know, like, the show is a math equation and the show needed to get the right answer. And in my mind, it was never going to do that -- I necessarily didn't expect that or think it was going to be possible for it all to add up neatly. I felt like, this is a show that has taken many risks. A few of them have not paid off, but I'd rather watch a show that does something crazy that has an 89 percent chance of working out down the road, story-wise, than a show that plots things out in a way that is purely logical and kind of clinical.

So I just think certain segments of the various "Lost" fandoms are, if anything, more obsessed with various bits of arcane mythology and they will want everything to add up a certain way. I think there's a chance the "Lost" guys are going to have to go to France and hide.


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