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Smart People Talking About TV, Part 2
Formative TV Experience No. 12: Taxi Survival-Sex in a Snowstorm

Smart People Talking About TV, Part 3

  • 12/16/09 at 5:05 PM

And to put the cherry on this Lost–obsessed day, here's NPR's Linda Holmes naming Lost the show of the decade, arguing that despite any flaws, the series acted as a positive role model for more ambitious network television:

"Going forward with a show, raising question after question after question, asking people to be patient about a monster for five-plus seasons, knowing that it's all going to get you a kick in the teeth from your own adoring fans someday because you have taken on more than you will ever be able to really explain? That's audacious. And network television absolutely has to be much, much more audacious in order to survive. Audacity isn't so hard to find on cable to varying degrees, but against the network drama backdrop of doctor/lawyer/cop shows, it is to be treasured."


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