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I Hate It When You Wear That


Jennifer Mankins and Niklas Arnegren
boutique owner, cultural affairs officer; both 30

Nik: The first thing that Jen ever bought me was an amazing winter coat with a fur collar that I just loved.

Jen: It was from Savers in Providence. He wore it every day of winter for at least five years.

Nik: It looked hot! And, obviously, it was Jen’s first present to me so I liked it, but it also was just perfect in every way.

Jen: But he wore it out. That’s what he does with things. He’ll get something, and he’ll just love it so much that he’ll wear it and wear it and wear it to shreds. I finally quietly replaced that coat with a black cashmere from Hugo Boss that I bought at Barneys in L.A.

Nik: Which is very fancy. I also love my old Levi’s jean jacket. I like to think of it as “classy classic.”

Jen: It’s not my favorite. It says to me, “I live in Williamsburg, and I’m trying to be a rocker.” And your camo jacket, too. The best Nik has ever looked was at our wedding. He wore a Dior Homme suit that had a really, really skinny cut. He put it on, and as much as I don’t like people who dress like rock stars, he put this on and looked like a rock star but in the best way.

Nik: Any discussion of my fashion sense has to include my love of Chuck Taylors. (1)

Jen: He’s convinced that everyone at work thinks his black Chuck Taylors are actually dress shoes. He thinks they don’t realize that they’re actually sneakers. He even wears them with his suits. I think people are definitely aware that they are sneakers.

Nik: No way. I love her in her Converse, too, by the way. I like her in high heels and everything, but I don’t like it when she’s tripping down the street.

Jen: Last week I was going to a party uptown and then to meet Nik at a rock show in Greenpoint, and he was like, “Please do not wear high heels.” But I try to tell him that if I wear platform (2) shoes then I can see better.

Nik: What I don’t like is clothes that have no purpose. Jen has a short-sleeved jacket. Why?

Jen: When we first met, I was sort of a tomboy. And now I’m sort of like a tomboy but in fashion clothes.

Nik: One of my favorite dresses is this peasant-dress (3) thing. It’s really feminine, but I can see her shoulders and her tattoos. It’s awesome … Remember when we went to the beach last week and you were wearing these shorts?

Jen: Which shorts? The African shorts?

Nik: Yeah.

Jen: I think they’re so cool. I think they might be the coolest things I own.

Nik: It’s not that I don’t appreciate the pattern. Just maybe not on your butt.

Jen: Ouch.

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