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I Hate It When You Wear That


Sumayah Jamal and Gary Baddeley
dermatologist, entertainment executive; both 41

Sumayah: He has much better taste than I do. I’m terrible at shopping. I’m much more comfortable in a hardware store.

Gary: Well, I grew up in London, and English people are a bit more obsessed with clothing. So when I’m there, I’ll go to Savile Row and go to Richard James. (1)

Sumayah: When we first met, I was in med school, so I never wore anything but jeans and sneakers.

Gary: And I was practicing law! So I was in a suit every day. But I like it when Sumayah wears her little summer dresses, like this wrap dress. (2) They’re very formfitting! They accentuate her waist, hips, boobs. That kind of stuff.

Sumayah: Gary! So embarrassing!

Gary: I really prefer it if she’s more dressed up. But what’s really bad are the hats. She manages to make herself totally unattractive with these, like, homeless-person hats.

Sumayah: Oh, yeah. The hats are pretty bad. I get followed in stores because they think I’m going to steal something. And I can’t get a cab to stop. But it’s a dermatologist thing! And, of course, for a while I was wearing them because of the haircut. I used to have long hair.

Gary: I have to say I like it, don’t I? Maybe I’ll just say the long hair was good, too.

Sumayah: I’m hypersensitive. He’s learned not to be too vocal. My hairdresser, Edris, said, “Cut your hair, (3) cut your hair!” When Gary came home, I was hiding in the bathroom with a hat on. And I slept with that hat on because I was so traumatized. He knew what was under there; I just wasn’t ready for him to see it yet.

Gary: But then I thought it was hot! And then she got some cool Kangols, and the hat look has gotten better. The hats have upgraded. But still.

Sumayah: The one thing Gary has that I really don’t like is this crazy suit. (4)

Gary: That’s a Vivienne Westwood suit! You don’t like that?

Sumayah: Ummmm … I know that Vivienne Westwood is cool and everything …

Gary: This is a vintage Vivienne Westwood suit in a crazy tweed, with cool little Vivienne Westwood buttons. For those who care about Vivienne Westwood, it’s a very good thing to have.


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