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Heaven, With Hangers


1. Library ladder   

Maneesh Goyal
President of an Event-Production Company, Union Square

Your closet is gorgeous.
It has all the bells and whistles: laundry hampers, a library ladder, a three-way mirror. When you open the doors, lights turn on. The shoe racks have movable heights, so you can store ankle boots or tall boots.

What’s the deal with the bench?
It’s opposite the shoe rack. I use it every morning to put on my sneakers. The Missoni fabric is a throwback to my Indian heritage. My apartment has this “Bollywood threw up a little” look.

The closet is built in a mirror image so two people can share it. Is your mom like, “Where’s the woman?”
She’s still waiting, poor thing. She knows better than to ask. Also, I’m gay.

The windows are great, too.
I’m on the second floor, so it’s a public apartment. I love looking up from the street and seeing my closet.

Can strangers also look in?
When you go up and down the escalator at the Union Square movie theater, you can see right in. My sister says that’s the No. 1 highest-grossing theater in the country. I’ve definitely been seen in a towel, but I don’t mind.

What do your friends say?
Even straight men are like, “Holy shit, this is your closet?” This is a city of 30 million people, but no one else has a closet like this.

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