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One Is the Loveliest Color


Rebecca Turbow
Fashion Designer. Gray.

Why gray?
I actually wore turquoise for eight years, but last September, I switched to gray. I’d had a bad year and needed to get out of it.

That’s a big switch.
I like everything to be clean, and gray is clean. Gray is between black and white, so it’s a noncolor, almost. I feel messy and unclean if I wear other colors.

Where do you shop?
I make all my own clothes. I can’t wear anyone else’s.

What about shoes?
That’s hard because even the soles of my shoes have to be gray or white. I get annoyed if the soles are black.

Do you ever miss turquoise?
When I was in turquoise, people would stare at me everywhere I went. It’s still the color of my clothing line, so my business cards and stickers are turquoise. But I’ve separated myself from it, so I’m separated from my work.

Is that a good thing?
Gray is refreshing. My boyfriend says it looks classy. Sometimes he’ll wear black, and I’ll wear silver. I like that; we match.

Does it bother you when other people wear mixed colors?
I like mixed colors on other people. I just can’t wear or make them. I work for the singer of Of Montreal, and he lets me make him wild, monochrome outfits.

Will you wear gray for the rest of your life?
My mom thinks I should branch out, but I can’t imagine that. I don’t know if it’s a condition; I’ve always wondered if there’s a name for it.

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