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Fall Fashion 2009


The time is long past when fashion existed only in its own little compartment. Today, style spills into the larger culture at every turn, from the art world to big business to television, and the larger culture spills back. read more [+]
How Could This Happen to Annie Leibovitz?
The spectacular financial collapse of one of the world’s most spectacular photographers.
Tinz & Topp in Tears
Tinsley and Topper Mortimer had the money, the looks, and the cute names to be the definitive Wasp fairy tale. But fairy tales fracture, especially in an age when brides become brands.
Exquisite Circus
What goes on around and behind and before the show is as beautiful as the show itself.
Cuckoo for Coco
Audrey Tautou, the latest actress to play her, explains why Coco Chanel’s legend is as enduring as a quilted handbag.
T-Shirt by Darwin
It’s been burned, washed, stoned, dipped in acid, discarded and rediscovered, even shot. The evolution of a once-humble garment.

The Essence of FallThis season distilled to its fundamentals.

Fall 2009 was, by all accounts, conservative, which makes sense, given the economy. Designers stuck to familiar ground, reworking themes Read more


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