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Andy’s Factory

A mini-tour of Partners & Spade, where found objects find new value (and, often, prices). With narration by Andy Spade.


Andy’s Store

1. This painting is called The Pilgrim, and it’s by a child. I got it at a garage sale in Kansas City. It looks like a Donald Bachelor. On sale for $450.

2. I love vintage helmets; I used to ride dirt bikes as a kid, so I guess it’s a nostalgic thing for me. We got it on eBay. $250.

3. We found that on the street. It looked like a Joseph Beuys. It doesn’t play, though. Not for sale no one would want it!

4. We found it at a flea market in London. It’s a turn-of-the-century umbrella. It might’ve cost us a few hundred dollars. It reminded me of Mary Poppins. $900.

5. We sell Your Ad Here’ space ($3,000 a month) as an indoor billboard to companies like HarperCollins. We thought it would be a funny way to subsidize the rent.

6. The big globe is from the boardroom of Cartier ($14,000, the highest-priced item in the store, which is why it hasn’t sold!). They all come from George Glazer, a specialist.

7. We had a show herethe bike as sculptureand an artist, Benedict Radcliffe, made this one. I love the fluorescent combination of colors. $3,200.

8. The stapler collection is from a friend of ours named J. P. Williams. He also collects run-over gloves from the street and photographs them. $100 to $200.

9. The T-shirts were handmade by Noah Britton. They’re used T-shirts with Sharpie-pen sayings on them. He didn’t want to sell them for more than $5, so we said, Okay, we’ll get $2.50, you’ll get $2.50.’ 

Andy’s Work

Limited Edition K-Swiss Shoes

The J.Crew Store

An Ad for the Voice

A Jack Spade Bag

A Spade Photo Book


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