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Women of Wang


“I like to go out. I think it’s almost pretentious to say you’re not going out,” says Wang. “I’m young, I’m only just getting started. But I’m not gonna be that person rolling around in a wheelchair at the club.”

He’s a long way from that. “I speak to a lot of people who are older than me, and they always say that one phrase, ‘Oh, when I was your age …,’ you know? ‘I was doing this or I was doing that,’ but I think youth also just develops so much quicker now with all of the tools that we are given. With the Internet, and with communication, and with BlackBerries and things like that,” he says. He feels the hot breath of the next generation behind him. “And you look at people that are even half my age and doing, you know?”

And five years from now? He begins some predigested patter about feeling “challenged and relevant.” But then he gets quiet, thinking, for a brief moment, beyond his in utero fashion destiny. “I think just to be happy. Really simple. It might be connected to a lot of other things.”

He has no idea, really, which, when you’re 27, and working all day and dancing all night, is a good thing.


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