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The Vintage Specialists

It’s not just about scoring a bargain. Shopping for vintage clothes now requires a new level of expertise.


The predominance of vintage clothing in New York’s collective closet ebbs and flows with the fashion tides. However, we may be entering another high-water mark in the annals of artfully careworn clothing. While logic might imply that the brick-and-mortar vintage shop is an endangered species in the age of eBay and Etsy—and there have been a handful of retail casualties this year—the city is still home to a rich, and increasingly specialized, landscape of vintage consumption. In order to maintain their relevance, vendors are latching on to specific niches, eschewing the generalist thrift-store model in favor of a more curatorial and boutique-ified approach. read more [+]
RunnerDo Look Back
A niche-by-niche breakdown of the city’s most stylishly retrograde retailers.
My Best PieceMy Best Piece
Store owners on their most prized merchandise.
ProsWhere the Pros Go
Fashion notables’ favorite retro resources.
ObsessivesThe Obsessives
Inside the closets of four hyperdevoted collectors.
MythsFive Myths Dispelled
What to know before you shop for old stuff.
Sift-OffThrift-Store Sift-Off
Two aficionados rifle through the racks at Goodwill.
Day TripsA-Rummaging We Go
Three out-of-town vintage gold mines.


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