Photograph by Christopher Anderson

Karl Lagerfeld

“I Love Fashion!”
“I Love the Girl!”

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Oh My Goth More

Head-to-toe black and trailing lace; the Morticia Addams feeling was everywhere.

Runway Trend: The Dandy

Velvet suits cut narrow conjured the country gentleman who’s been listening to Exile on Main St.

Amanda Harlech, Lagerfeld’s muse at Chanel, goes through the Polaroid marked-up notes for each of the show’s looks.

Lagerfeld, Diet Coke in hand, waiting to inspect the next model.

On its way to the runway: A clear plastic suit with graphic appliqués that will be exit No. 37.

Once the door to Coco Chanel’s atelier. Lagerfeld has moved it so that it now opens onto the studio.

Lagerfeld’s quickly sketched notes on an inspiration board. Here, on a photo of the founder, he writes, “I’d like to copy these necklaces.”

Lagerfeld’s right hand, Virginie Viard, inspects exit No. 53, an evening gown with a white ruffled top.

Inside the headquarters, the original staircase from which Chanel used to watch her shows in the salon below.

Scrutinizing the embellishment options during the preshow setup.

At his desk, Lagerfeld watches a run-through of the elaborate carousel set’s mechanics.

After the show, a quick hug and kiss from the Olsens, who were in the front row.