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Welcome to New York. Can We Take Your Picture?

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 12 million tourists flood into the city to do things most natives never would (go to the top of the Empire State Building, ride in a pedicab, scream for Rihanna outside the Today show). We stopped eighteen of them as they took in the sights. And guess what? They love it here!


Nils Asmussen
Student, Hamburg, Germany
Shot outside the Empire State Building

What are you doing today?
I am waiting for the Heartland Brewery to open. I am bringing my girlfriend lots of American beer when I go home.

Do you get lost much?
Yes and no. Usually, I want to go to a place, but on my way I see something interesting. Then I go to visit this new place. And I never regret it. But the subway system is confusing. The subway does not stop at every station. I would suggest more subway maps at the subway station and also more public street maps in lower Manhattan. There is no easy system there with avenues and streets.

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