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Their Satanic Majesty


Jon Reigle, Freak-Show Performer

Tell me about the horns.
Mine are done out of virgin-grade Teflon, second generation. I used to have implants up to the fourth set; they were a lot bigger. But I got in trouble because I worked in a bar and I was going through a weird time and I let people get to me too much, so I took them out. It’s based on Pan from Greek mythology. People assume it’s about the devil, but it’s not.

How long did it take you to do your ears?
Six or seven years. If you don’t go slow, they just blow out and you wind up losing a lobe. But I’m more focused on my tattoos right now.

What’s your favorite?
My face. I actually figure that all these tattoos have made me a better person. When I did my face it was, like, people are going to want to talk to me. And I have to be okay with that.

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