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Mica de Jesus, Gypsy

"Nobody else has the style that I wear because it's my own—not something that came out of Wet Seal."


What do gypsies do?
Well, I paint. I sing. I dance. I read tarot cards. I write. I make collages. My family is, like, traveling, wandering vagabond people. It’s not like being a hippie or something. You can decide to be a hippie. If you’re a gypsy, it’s just who you are.

How do you support yourself?
I find odd jobs here and there. My friend also makes little polymer-clay figures, and he sells them in the park. I help him out because people are attracted to the way that I look.

Tell me about this look.
Usually it’s spontaneous. I have some clothes, and I like colors. Instead of wearing just one thing that matches one color in the skirt, I’ll wear a couple of things that match a couple of colors in the skirt.

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