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Bess and Kaia Abraham, Jewelry Designer and Preschooler

"The poncho was my mom’s, and it’s maternity. And today I’m wearing inappropriate shoes because it’s so hot where I work."


What kind of jewelry do you design?
My husband is really the main designer, and it’s all very seventies-punk-rock informed. Lots of Sex Pistols T-shirts, big boots, diamond jewelry. We’re doing lots of plastic jewelry, but we also have a separate line of pavé diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Have you seen Blood Diamond?
I haven’t, but I know about all that. We’re trying to use vintage diamonds that we take out of settings. But the real bulk of what we’re doing is plastic. And crazy.

Why so much emphasis on seventies punk rock?
Things that remind me of being a kid—like, Peter Max–y things—make me smile.

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