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Pascal Legrand, Retailer, With Thaïs, Kindergartner, and Gia, 2-year-old

"I won’t say I’m conservative because I am not conservative, but I try to be—how to explain in English?—sporty chic?"


Do you like jewelry?
Thaïs: I have only three bracelets. For one, you can make a wish, and when it breaks the wish comes true, but you can’t tell anybody. The other one has a heart with diamonds on it, and also a rose. And the other one has a pirate head and beads. I like them. Gia has only one bracelet. It’s a golden bracelet from when she was born.

Do you help your sister get dressed?
I put on her shoes and her pants. But her stockings are too hard for me, so my grandpa helps her, or my mom.

Do you have favorite clothes?
Skirts, because I like them. And clothes that are red and pink. I like to wear my own clothes instead of my uniform because they have more colors on them.

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