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Kareem Dimitrious Collie and Donald Ray Franklin II, Graphic-Design Partners

"I'm doing my Professor Collie garb. We try to stay on top of our game."


Kareem Dimitrious Collie, left, and Donald Ray Franklin II, right.  

You look fantastic.
KAREEM, left: We're heading to a presentation, so we want to look sharp. I'm doing my Professor Collie garb. We try to stay on top of our game. We're businessmen, and we're icons for our business.
DONALD: Kareem represents the creative and I represent the business side, and I think our style reflects that.

Have you been partners a long time?
DONALD: No, but we've known each other since college. There's a whole lot of trust.

Describe these outfits.
KAREEM: These are herringbone slacks by Yoko Devereaux, paired with a nice cream turtleneck sweater. I was afraid of looking too Euro, so I put on this little straw hat that I usually wear in the summertime.
DONALD: This is a blue Ralph Lauren blazer that I bought and then changed the buttons. They were gold with a sailor emblem, and now they're silver with crests. It's a Rod Keenan hat—rabbit fur with an alligator strap—a Paul Smith scarf, a Brunello Cucinelli sweater, and an Armani watch.

Do your looks help your business?
DONALD: When people meet us for the first time, before we even open our mouths, they get excited. They want to work with us. It's a certain atmosphere that we bring, a certain aura. It's all very connected.
KAREEM: I had a client walk into a meeting one day and say to me, "If you had come in here dressed any other way, I would ask to see your portfolio. But I can tell by the way that you're dressed, that you're sharp, and that you're on it. Let's just do it."


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