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Calling All Superheroes

Peter Parker isn’t the only guy with a Lycra-wrapped alter ego in Gotham City, as the inventive wardrobe enthusiasts at this year’s Comic-Con amply demonstrated.


Chris and Niki Notarile, Filmmaker and Actress, as Blue Beetle and Catwoman

Did you get into costumes before or after you got married?
We got into it together. We met and said, let’s make a superhero movie together.

Do you wear your costumes at home?
Kinda sorta, yeah. I’m always like, “Babe, put the catsuit on.” And she does. But she likes to see me out of the Beetle costume, if you know what I mean.

How did you pick these costumes?
A little over a year ago, DC Comics killed the Blue Beetle. They shot him in the head. Executed him. I decided to do a one-man crusade and bring him back. We like to maintain our personalities even when we’re in costume. Catwoman is very sexy and sensual, and Blue Beetle is funny and outgoing. And that’s what we’re really like.

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