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Best Friends

They look like sisters. They finish each other’s sentences. Look Book meets the BFFs.


Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Model and Musician (above right), and Sarabeth DeLeury, Philosopher and Actress

You two seem, um, very close.
CHARLOTTE: We’re not lesbians, we’re business partners. We’re about to make a music video with my boyfriend, Sean Lennon. It’s going to be us hunting Sarabeth; she’ll be Diana.

How did you meet?
SARABETH: We met first at a friend’s house. Charlotte walked in with one of her breasts hanging out and someone said, “Hey, your breast is hanging out,” and she said, “That’s okay, I have another.” CHARLOTTE: She’s the coolest person in the world, and I have really good taste. SARABETH: We became best friends and traveled the world together. We went to Europe and to L.A., where our car was seized. We both had mental breakdowns.

CHARLOTTE: Breakdowns and breakthroughs. SARABETH: We have this very interesting cyclic cycle of energy when we’re together that sucks in the most interesting people. CHARLOTTE: We’re friends with Sean Parker, who invented Napster, who just sold his business for like a billion dollars and always carries around a syringe filled with antidote.

What do you do together, other than attract interesting people?
CHARLOTTE: We used to play a lot of chess together in Washington Square Park with all the homeless men. But then Yoko Ono got me into Go, a Japanese chess game that’s more sophisticated.

Do you have summer plans?
CHARLOTTE: We go upstate to this amazing nature preserve and share clothes and money in this utopian way. It’s a beautiful farm that Yoko has landscaped, and we eat watermelon and make art. SARABETH: We’re trying to create a new way of moving forward as a collective so we can make money and help people.

Tell me about a crazy thing you’ve done recently.
CHARLOTTE: We saved a deer that got hit by a car. We found it on the side of the road. It was foaming and bloody, and we laid on it and hugged and stroked it. It got up twenty minutes later; it had regained its energy.

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