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The Elephant in the Room

In a city where Democrats dominate, GOPers tend to hunker together. “Look Book” watched the last debate with the Young Republican Club at Houndstooth Pub on Eighth Avenue.


Joshua Kocses
Business Representative at the New Jersey Department of Labor

Have you always been a McCain supporter?
Yes, ma’am. I was in the Marines. Within the Republican party, you have Army doctrine and you have Navy/Marine-corps doctrine. President Bush is a very clear example of Army doctrine, John McCain has a Naval doctrine.

How does that translate to governing style?
Naval officers are capable of thinking independently. That’s why I’ve always been behind John McCain, because I believe the Navy way of doing things is the best way.

Do you speak out about your views?
You’re talking to a United States Marine. I hope to run for president some day. I take pleasure in the fact that people persecute me for being a Republican, because I know that ultimately, anyone who would persecute someone for their belief is just being un-American.

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