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The Elephant in the Room


Brett Joshpe
Co-author of Why You’re Wrong About the Right

What is the biggest misconception about Republicans?
That we’re racist. I find that to be the most egregious, offensive, incorrect myth out there. Also, New York tends to be a lot more secular than other places. I think the mistaken idea that anybody who’s Republican is some sort of religious fanatic is a big one in New York.

How does Sarah Palin play into that?
Sarah Palin is not well-liked by most New Yorkers. A lot of people think, “Oh, Republicans are all falling in line with Sarah Palin.” And that’s not true. There’s a lot of diversity in the party, and there are plenty of secular conservatives. I don’t think that’s what defines the party.

How’s your social life, living among the liberals?
I enjoy being outspoken. I’m glad that I’m in the minority in New York, because I think it makes my life interesting.

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