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Doug Cote, Musician

“I’m in a Kyocera ad for color copiers. I’m the head guy coming in to pick up his color copiers.”


So you’re still waiting for your big break?
Yeah. I also do commercials, too, to support my music career. But I’m kind of over playing New York City. We have mediocre shows here, but then we’ll have great shows in State College, Pennsylvania, or Youngstown, Ohio. We went down to Norfolk, Virginia, in the fall, and the place went nuts for us. So that’s refreshing and that’s what we’re focusing on.

Do you leverage your lead-singer stardom to pick up girls?
No, I’ll say no. I think that’s cheesy. Everyone’s like, “You’re in a band, you must get laid all the time.” But you spend so much time picking up the gear afterward. It’s a lot more work than people think.

So you have no Valentine’s Day plans?
No. I’ll probably hang out with my dog.


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