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Dylan Monroe, Model

“I’ve always been really tall, really thin, and really pale—it has nothing to do with the vampire thing that’s going on.”


What kind of model are you?
A runway model, primarily. I’ve been doing it for about two years; I’m 19. I left home right before I graduated from high school. Growing up in San Diego, I never thought I looked like anything special.

Male modeling suffers from some pretty negative stereotypes— the vapidity, the vanity.
All of it is true. I feel like male models are even worse than female models. There are a million guys who look like you, and a lot more cattiness. It gets nasty.


Your hair matches your skin—I assume that’s on purpose.
I like to be washed out: white hair, white eyebrows, white skin. I find it to be unique.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum


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