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Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, Fashion Designers


So you guys live and work together?
R.T.: We met in 1994, and we’ve been partners professionally and in our lives since then.

Sounds intense.
R.T.: It’s the way we learned to be together. For us, it’s second nature.

That’s a lot of plaid you’re sporting.
J.C.: It’s our signature, you could say.
R.T.: Essentially John Goodman was the trailblazer, but we’ve always had beards. We were the outcasts, but now you look around and everybody is our new clone.

Is that annoying?
R.T.: No, I love a beard! It looks good on everyone.

Why do you dress so alike? R.T.: It’s just sort of osmosis.
J.C.: And it makes life so much easier. We share.
R.T.: We’re the same size, except for shoes. Also, we have an English bulldog who looks just like us.

Interview by Emma Rosenblum.


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