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Jimin Sara Woo Baik and Eunsaem Cho, Students

“My husband is in the fashion industry.”


Where are you from?
Jimin: I moved here five years ago from Korea. First I came to study English, then I got married, and now I study fashion marketing. My husband is in the fashion industry.

How did you and your husband meet?
We met at church camp. I actually liked him first. And then I kept trying to … what’s the word?

Date him?
Yes! And right away I knew he liked me, too, but he was too afraid because I was going back to Korea a year later. So he tried not to get in a relationship with me.

But he apparently couldn’t fight it.
Yeah, and now here I am.

How do you know Eunsaem?
We met in high school. She came here two weeks ago to study furniture design and is going to stay here for a year and a half.

Maybe not, if she meets a guy like you did.
Ah, yeah. Maybe!

Interview by Rachel Baker.


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