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It’s Official

Tiffany Peckosh, documentary-film producer, and Meredith Soffrin, social worker and musician

You are so stylishly coordinated. Like J.Crew models or something.
Actually, Tiffany is wearing J.Crew. We didn’t coordinate … Okay, yeah, we coordinated a little bit. We wanted not to match but to be in the same color palette.

How’d you get together?
We met through mutual friends and then ran into each other in Union Square and it was just immediate magic. I hugged her awkwardly, like, twice in a row. And then a month later we became exclusive.

Do you plan to have kids?
We would like to add to our family, absolutely.

Such a businesslike response!
Well, I don’t want to say too much because if family hears, we don’t want the pressure and the questions! But yes, we want kids.

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