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It’s Official


Jeannette Marquez Jardine, administrator, and Kerry Jardine, radiation therapist

What made you decide to take Kerry’s name?
Jeannette: Our son has her last name so it just works.

Where’s your son right now?
He’s down for a nap with grandma. He’s going to be turning 3 and his name is Angel.

Does his outfit coordinate with yours, too?
Absolutely. We all have the same colors—we rocked it. We put all the time we had since we heard on Thursday night into coordinating our outfits, the flowers, and the two-tier cake that we ordered. It was all just so magnified, like a volcano erupting once we found out. God was on our side.

Have you felt nervous at all?
It’s not really being nervous, it’s like being a kid a Christmas. That feeling is hard to come by as an adult. I took it and ran with it.

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