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Will Watkins, Actor, Director, Artist, and Entrepreneur

“I’m from Seattle. I came here to see about a girl.”


Do you live around here?
I’m from Seattle. I came to see about a girl.

How ­exciting! Tell me more.
She’s a Rockette.

Amazing. How did you meet?
I went to Burning Man, and on the last day this girl walked up to me and jumped into my arms and we danced for twenty minutes.

Was coming here a grand gesture?
I played it a little cooler than that. I started a company with some friends and it has an office in New York. So, technically, I came to town to see if things were, you know, running well there. And, of course, they are.

Does the Rockette have a name?
Lauren. She’s a good person.

Has she shown you her high kicks?
Yeah, that was a good day.

And will you live happily ever after?
Well, we’re still having fun.

Interview by Rachel Baker.


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