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Antonella Graef

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    Antonella Graef's Career Highlights

    7 MAR, 1991
    Born in Argentina
    Scouted while dancing at a hometown event
    Signs with IMG in New York and Paris
    MAR 2008
    Appears in D-Mode editorial, photographed by Antonella Arismendi
    Leaves IMG and signs with Supreme Management
    JUL 2009
    Debuts, opening the fall Givenchy couture show in Paris
    OCT 2009
    Opens the fall Givenchy show in Paris
    OCT 2009 features Graef as a top-ten newcomer of the season Story»
    FEB 2010
    Opens the fall Jill Stuart and Rodarte shows in New York
    FEB 2010
    Appears in Teen Vogue editorial, photographed by Jason Kibbler
    Leaves Supreme Management and signs with Ford Models
    JUL 2010
    Appears in Russian Vogue editorial, photographed by Ben Weller
    SEP 2010
    Opens the spring Custo Barcelona and Jasper Conran shows in New York and London; Closes for ADAM and Jasper Conran
    SEP 2010
    Appears in editorials for V magazine and Elle
    AUG 2011
    Appears in V editorial, photographed by Greg Harris