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Elle Macpherson

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    Real Name
    Eleanor Nancy Gow
    Birth Date
    March 29, 1964
    Lives Now
    Los Angeles, CA
    Retired (mostly), Sexy girl, Supermodel
    Known for
    Body, Hair, Smile
    Ray Fearon (currently), John Hitchcox, David Evans, Arpad Busson (02 - 05), Sean Penn, Norm MacDonald
    Heidi Klum (since 1986 Macpherson has held the title of “The Body,” which Heidi claimed for herself in a 2006 Victoria‘s Secret commercial)
    Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Kathy Ireland, Helena Christensen
    Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson (Born 98), Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson (Born 03)
    Gilles Bensimon (85 - 89)
    Model Turned
    Actress (If Lucy Fell, 1996), entrepreneur (Elle Macpherson Intimates), restaurateur (Fashion Café, 1995)
    Collecting art, Water sports

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    Elle Macpherson's Career Highlights

    29 MAR, 1964
    Born in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia
    Discovered while on vacation in Aspen, Colorado
    Signs with Click modeling agency
    Appears in a commercial for Tab Cola Video»
    SEP 1984
    Appears on cover of Cosmopolitan
    Marries Gilles Bensimon, a French photographer and Creative Director of Elle
    Time magazine nicknames her “The Body” in a feature titled “The Big Elle”
    Offered a position as an unofficial ambassador at the Australian tourist commission
    FEB 1986
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    MAY 1986
    Appears on covers of both the American and French editions of Elle
    FEB 1987
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    FEB 1988
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    Divorces Gilles Bensimon
    JAN 1991
    Has a walk-on role in the Woody Allen film Alice
    Painted all gold for her calendar Video»
    Appears in print ad for Finesse shampoo
    FEB 1994
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated with Kathy Ireland and Rachel Hunter
    MAY 1994
    Starts her own line of exercise videos, Your Personal Best with Elle Macpherson
    MAY 1994
    Appears nude in Playboy magazine
    JUL 1994
    Walks for Valentino and John Galliano haute couture in Paris
    NOV 1994
    Appears in the film Sirens, alongside Hugh Grant and Portia de Rossi; has several nude scenes
    Co-launches the Fashion Café
    8 MAY, 1995
    Named one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People
    MAR 1996
    Acts as a beautiful, mysterious woman in the film If Lucy Fell
    APR 1996
    Plays the socialite Blanche Ingram in a movie adaptation of Jane Eyre
    JUL 1996
    Appears on cover of French Cosmopolitan
    NOV 1996
    Plays Jeff Bridges’s ex-lover in The Mirror Has Two Faces, which stars Barbara Streisand
    JUN 1997
    Plays Batman’s girlfriend, Julie, in the film Batman & Robin, alongside Uma Thurman and George Clooney
    JUL 1997
    William Holt and Michael Mischler break into her mansion and steal and estimated $100,000 in jewelry and fifteen nude photographs, with which they attempt to blackmail her, demanding $60,000
    FEB 1998
    Gives birth to son, Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson
    NOV 1999
    Appears in five episodes of Friends as Joey’s roommate and girlfriend, Janine Lecroix
    SEP 2000
    Featured in Vogue while pregnant, photographed by Annie Leibowitz
    Named highest-paid supermodel by the Guinness Book of World Records
    MAY 2001
    Hosts the Miss Universe beauty pageant with Naomi Campbell
    OCT 2001
    Launches own line of lingerie, Elle Macpherson Intimates
    Appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar
    FEB 2003
    Gives birth to Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson
    OCT 2003
    Checks into Arizona rehab center Meadows Institute on account of exhaustion and postnatal depression
    OCT 2004
    Appears on cover of British Vogue
    MAR 2005
    Oprah lauds Elle Macpherson Intimates nursing bra and gifts it to 640 military wives at a group baby-shower at Fort Campbell, Kentucky
    JUN 2005
    Wins Glamour magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award for Elle Macpherson Intimates, which has become Australia’s number-one line of lingerie
    JUL 2005
    Separates from wealthy Swiss-French financier Arpad Busson
    Wins Spanish Elle’s Best Supermodel award
    FEB 2006
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    JUN 2007
    Travels to Ghana to support (Red) campaign and interview HIV patients Video»
    MAR 2008
    Guest stars on a episode of America's Next Top Model promoting her lingerie line
    MAR 2008
    Signs contract with Revlon as a global representative Story»
    18 JUL, 2008
    Jeopardy has the question "Elle MacPherson and Heidi Klum feuded over the use of this nickname." Video»
    MAY 2009
    Featured on the cover of Tatler, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth
    MAR 2010
    Makes a runway appearance to close the fall Louis Vuitton show in Paris
    Renews contract with Revlon
    MAY 2010
    Featured on the cover of British Marie Claire, photographed by Sarah Dunn
    OCT 2010
    Appears in Elle editorial, photographed by Max Farago