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Rachel Hunter

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    Birth Date
    September 9, 1969
    Lives Now
    Los Angeles, CA
    Retired (mostly), Sexy girl
    Known for
    Jarret Stoll (currently), Robbie Williams, NHL player Sean Avery
    Elsa Benitez, Veronica Varekova, Yamila Diaz Rahi, Daniela Pestova, Estella Warren, Veronica Webb
    Liam (Born 94), Renee (Born 92)
    Rod Stewart (90 - 05)
    Model Turned
    TV personality (Style Me with Rachel Hunter, 2006), Activist (Rachel Hunter Gorilla Fund), Actress (Rock Star, 2001), reality-television star (Dancing with the Stars)

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    Rachel Hunter's Career Highlights

    9 SEP, 1969
    Born in Auckland, New Zealand
    Begins modeling at age 17
    Asked by Playboy to pose for a spread; declines
    FEB 1989
    Appears in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    DEC 1990
    Marries British rock star Rod Stewart, who is 24 years older than her
    JUN 1992
    Gives birth to a daughter, Renee
    Print ads for CoverGirl
    Quits modeling to start an acting career
    FEB 1994
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated “Dream Team” swimsuit issue
    SEP 1994
    Gives birth to a son, Liam
    APR 1997
    Makes a cameo appearance in an episode of The Drew Carey Show as the spokesperson for Ca-Beer-Chino
    Plays the sister to the main character in the independent movie A Walk in the Park
    JAN 1999
    Separates from Rod Stewart
    Plays a woman searching for the killer of her husband in the independent movie Two Shades of Blue
    AUG 2003
    Stars in documentary Rachel: Laid Bare
    OCT 2003
    Plays a seductive, sultry mother in the music video “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne Video»
    APR 2004
    Reportedly paid $1.8 million to pose nude for Playboy
    NOV 2004
    Plays one of the Gingers on TBS’s Real Gilligan’s Island
    DEC 2004
    Appears as herself in a Christmas special of The Vicar of Dibley, a British sitcom
    MAY 2005
    Plays an attractive mother in the movie You and Your Stupid Mate
    SEP 2005
    Appears on a celebrity episode of Lingo, where she donates all the money she wins to charity
    OCT 2005
    Hosts the British reality-TV show Make Me a Supermodel
    NOV 2005
    Participates in the Fashion for Relief show in September, a benefit in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina
    FEB 2006
    Hosts reality show Style Me with Rachel Hunter, offering a cash prize and the opportunity to style her for the People’s Choice Awards
    FEB 2006
    Appears on cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
    APR 2006
    Plays a sexy soccer mom in Dennis Dugan’s Benchwarmers
    NOV 2006
    Divorce from Stewart is finalized