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Ylonka Verheul

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    Ylonka Verheul View off-the-runway photos
    Birth Date
    September 1, 1992
    Known for
    New York Models
    Sigrid Agren, Sedene Blake, Patricia Van Der Vliet, Anastasia Kuznetsova, Kristy Kaurova, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Melissa Tammerijn, Samantha Gradoville
    Listening to Coldplay, Watching Walt Disney films, Eating sushi

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    Ylonka Verheul's Career Highlights

    1 SEP, 1992
    Born in Gouda, Holland
    Signs with Ford Models in New York
    Signs with Why Not Agency in Milan
    Leaves Ford and signs with New York Models
    Daniel Jackson photographs Verheul for the winter issue of i-D
    DEC 2009
    Appears in British Vogue editorial, photographed by Emma Summerton
    JAN 2010
    Models for the pre-fall Preen presentation in New York
    FEB 2010
    Debuts at the fall John Bartlett show in New York, also walks for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Topshop, Prada, and Marni
    MAR 2010
    Walks the fall Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci, and Karl Lagerfeld shows in Paris
    APR 2010
    Appears in Dazed & Confused editorial, photographed by Jason Kibbler
    APR 2010 features Verheul as a face to watch Story»
    MAY 2010
    Appears in Italian Vogue editorial, photographed by Steven Meisel
    AUG 2010
    Appears in Chinese Vogue editorial, photographed by Daniel Jackson
    SEP 2010
    Appears in editorials for Russian Vogue and German Vogue
    Appears in the fall issue of i-D, photographed by Carlotta Manaigo
    DEC 2010
    Appears in Russian Vogue editorial, photographed by Sebastian Kaufmann
    JAN 2011
    Featured on the cover of Italian Flair
    MAR 2011
    Appears in Russian Vogue editorial, photographed by Aitken Jolly
    JUL 2011
    Featured on the cover of Italian Flair, photographed by Emilio Tini