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Frank Rich

Writer-at-Large for New York Magazine.

Latest Feature

The Circus


Trump Is Starting to Panic

It’s evident in his spells of rage and his empty official schedule. He is also stepping up his efforts to discredit democratic institutions.


A Moment of Truth for Brett Kavanaugh?

Given the threats she’s braving, it is hard to blame Christine Blasey Ford if she elects not to testify in Washington on Monday. But I hope she does.


Trump’s Plot Against America

The more we’ve seen of him, the clearer it’s become that he does have a consistent ideology — and that it aligns with Putin’s.


Trump’s Jerusalem Horror Show

The opening of the new U.S. Embassy showcased the panorama of bigotry and mobsterism at the top of both the American and Israeli governments.


Trump Only Knows Chaos

Don’t look too deeply for motive in any of the unnecessary crises he’s creating.


It’s Time for John Kelly to Go

The White House chief of staff’s handling of the Rob Porter fiasco is making the Scaramucci interregnum look like a golden age.


John Kelly Is Destined to Fail

The retired general may have had early success in ousting Scaramucci and instilling some order. But this is Trump’s White House we’re talking about.


Matt Lauer's Gift to Donald Trump

No follow-ups or fact-checks during Wednesday night’s forum played right into Trump’s strategy just as the polls are tightening.


White Rage and Obama’s Tears

The gun-obsessed right tried to blur the truth about the president's emotion and his modest executive action. It didn't work.


Is the GOP Cracking Up?

With Jeb Bush looking finished at last night's debate and Marco Rubio still not attracting base voters, the possibility remains in play.


Carly Fiorina and the GOP Outsider Boom

Along with Donald Trump and Ben Carson, she's the latest 2016 candidate to ride the wave of dissatisfaction with the GOP Establishment to a higher spot in the polls.


Sony’s Apocalypse Is Now

The cancellation of The Interview sets a dangerous precedent for both the First Amendment and America's future under cyber warfare.


Obama Strikes Out on Syria

The president couldn't rouse Congress after a massacre in Newtown, so how could he for one abroad?


Romney's Bubble Bursts

Mitt reveals himself to be a callous man who doesn't know how Americans live.


Sugar Daddies Win Wisconsin

A big defeat for organized labor, a symbolic defeat for Democrats, and a victory for vulture capitalism.


He’s Evolved!

We have now seen an American president take a historic stand on gay civil rights.


Overestimating Mitt

Pollsters keep giving Romney the edge — but voters keep giving Santorum the wins.


Recent Features


The Original Donald Trump

The New York Establishment will ignore unscrupulous acts to serve its interests — just look how it treated Roy Cohn, onetime lawyer to the president.


After Trump

Liberals ecstatic over this month’s election must not forget: Even after this demagogue is finished, a new one will rise in his place.


Just Wait

Watergate didn’t become Watergate overnight, either.


Trump’s Appeasers

Charles Lindbergh was a national hero, then a fascist sympathizer. History will be just as brutal to more than a few current Republican leaders.


Loving Carol

Even today, Todd Haynes’s mesmerizing adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s classic novel comes as a shock—mostly for how much lesbian culture remains invisible to America at large.


Donald Trump Is Saving Our Democracy

Far from destroying it, he’s exposing all its phoniness and corruption in ways as serious as he is not. And changing it in the process.



Why do America’s riots so precisely mirror each other, generation after generation after generation?


Good Hillary, Bad Hillary

What’s worse than being depicted as a bloodthirsty power-monger with a filthy mouth? Depicting yourself so blandly that no one cares.


Iraq Everlasting

We are still stuck in 2003, and it isn’t (only) George W. Bush’s fault.


Can Conservatives Be Funny?

As the late-night comedy landscape reshuffles, are right-wing comics being unfairly ignored? An investigation.


The Greatest Showbiz Book Ever Written

Act One is an infectious evocation of a vibrant world written, it turns out, by a chronic depressive who also found the business “pure hell.”.


Stop Beating a Dead Fox

The conservative news channel’s only real power is in riling up liberals, who by this point should know better.


The Sondheim Puzzle

A lifetime making sense of the extraordinary songwriter—as young fan; critic and “enemy”; and, by now, old friend.


Liberal Echo Chamber

If only 12 Years a Slave (or Roots, or any other wrenching American slave narrative) could move audiences beyond those already eager for a dose of feel-good shame.


The Furies Never End

The shutdown crisis is nothing we haven’t seen before.A good portion of America has been trying to sabotage the government for almost our entire history.


It's Hard to Hate Rand Paul

The junior senator from Kentucky would be an appalling right-wing president, and yet he is a valuable politician: a man of conviction, and a visitation from a post-Obama political future.


The Stench of the Potomac

Washington may be a dysfunctional place to govern, but it’s working better than ever as a marketplace for cashing in. And that’s thanks, more than anything, to the Democratic Establishment.


When Privacy Jumped The Shark

Note to Edward Snowden and his worrywarts in the press: Spying is only spying when the subject doesn’t want to be watched.


Ancient Gay History

… is really just yesterday. My surrogate parent Clayton Coots was one of countless closeted men who didn’t live long enough to see this moment.



The party on the brink of destroying the Voting Rights Act reminds us that Republicans were really the great civil-rights leaders all along.


Inky Tears

Time is on the block. The New York Times is teetering. It can get an alumnus down, but the last thing the news business needs is a case of nostalgia.


Lipstick on an Elephant

Deep behind a tangle of denial and rebranding initiatives, a GOP resuscitation plan emerges.


Suckers for Superheroes

We should have known all along that David Petraeus was cheesy. And Lance Armstrong mendacious. And Joe Paterno a coward. And yet.



Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.


The Tea Party Will Win in the End

This is a nation that loathes government and always has. Liberals should not be deluded: The Goldwater revolution will ultimately triumph, regardless of what happens in November.


My Embed in Red

A week steeped in right-wing media reveals a Republican Party far more despairing than the lamestream knows.


Nora's Secret

"Everything is copy," Nora Ephron learned from her mother. She kept one thing to herself, though—and left many of us wondering why.


Mayberry R.I.P.

Declinist panic. Hysterical nostalgia. America may not be over, but it is certainly in thrall to the idea.


Nuke 'Em

Why negative advertisements are powerful, essential, and sometimes (see "Daisy") even artistic.


Post-Racial Farce

Since America elected its first black president, the conversation on race has turned just as loopy as the hilarious and audacious Clybourne Park.


Sugar Daddies

The old, white, rich men who are buying this election.


Stag Party

The GOP's woman problem is that it has a serious problem with women.


Whitewashing Gay History

Liberals applaud themselves for championing gay marriage. But there are ghosts at the weddings.


The Molotov Party

For the new GOP, conservative isn’t nearly radical enough.


What Killed JFK

The hate that ended his presidency is eerily familiar.


The Class War Has Begun

And the very classlessness of our society makes the conflict more volatile, not less.


Day's End

The 9/11 decade is now over. The terrorists lost. But who won?


Murdoch Hacked Us Too

The News Corp. scandal already exposed just how thoroughly the company had corrupted Britain. Now it’s time to look on this side of the pond.


Obama's Original Sin

The President's failure to demand a reckoning from the moneyed interests who brought the economy down has cursed his first term, and could prevent a second.

Author's Bio

Frank Rich joined New York magazine in June 2011 as Writer-at-Large, covering politics and culture. He is also a commentator on, engaging in regular dialogues on the news of the week.

Rich joined the magazine following a distinguished career at the New York Times, where he had been an op-ed columnist since 1994. He was previously the paper’s chief drama critic, from 1980 to 1993. His weekly 1,500-word essay helped inaugurate the expanded opinion pages that the Times introduced in the Sunday “Week in Review” section in 2005. From 2003 to 2005, Rich had been the front-page columnist for the Sunday “Arts & Leisure” section as part of that section's redesign and expansion. He also served as senior adviser to the Times’s culture editor on the paper's overall cultural-news report. From 1999 to 2003, he was also senior writer for The New York Times Magazine. The dual title was a first for the Times.

Rich has written about culture and politics for many national publications. He won the George Polk Award for commentary in 2005. His books include Ghost Light: A Memoir and, most recently, The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth From 9/11 to Katrina. Since 2008 Rich has also been a creative consultant to HBO, where he is an executive producer of the Emmy-winning comedy Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and executive produced the Peabody Award-winning documentary Six by Sondheim as well as the forthcoming documentary Becoming Mike Nichols.

A native of Washington, D.C., and graduate of Harvard, he lives in New York City with his wife, the writer Alex Witchel.