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Ten Little Cities


1. NYU College of Dentistry
345 E. 24th St.
“Budget root canal” isn’t a phrase that brings people running. You’re not like most people. The more work you have done, the more you save.

2. Chelsea Department of Health
303 Ninth Ave., second fl.
Pop in and partake of Mayor Bloomberg’s boon for the broke: a handful of free NYC condoms.

3. Training Institute for Mental Health
22 W. 21st St.
Sliding-scale therapy from shrinks-in-training (with master’s degrees) for as low as $35 a session. Maybe they can help you get to the root of why you’re so tightfisted.

4. Show World
669 Eighth Ave.
Indulge in old-school Times Square sleaze while scoring a bargain. The proof is written in glaring neon: PRIVATE VIEWING BOOTHS STILL ONLY 25 CENTS.

5. New York City Free Clinic
16 E. 16th St.
Even right-wing cheapskates can agree with Michael Moore on this: Free health care is a thing of beauty. You’ll find it here on Saturday mornings. By appointment only; call 917-544-0735.

6. Free-Sample Trifecta
14th St. nr. Union Square
Fill up on the daily giveaways at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and the Garden of Eden. Better yet: Make the rounds when the Greenmarket is in session and there’s a free tasting at Union Square Wines & Spirits.

7. East Village Cheese
40 Third Ave.
Brie for a buck? This is the place for impossibly cheap specials like $2.99 Cabot cheddar, or mahon from Menorca, Spain, for a Kraft-like $3.99 a pound.

8. Atlas Barber School
34 Third Ave.
If Astor Place Hairstylists is an indulgence, try the student chop jobs here for just $5. Fear not, the scissor-wielders know what they’re doing. Kind of.

9. Yoga to the People
12 St. Marks Pl.
All the classes here are donation only, which is enough to give a stingy yogi a great head start on inner peace.

10. Punjabi Deli
114 E. 1st St.
Three bucks buys a plate of rice with vegetables at this cabbie haunt, while the buttery samosa smothered in chickpeas might be the heartiest $2.25 meal in the city.

11. Bowery Restaurant Supply
183 Bowery
Two-stop shopping. First, scour the shelves here for $2 kitchen tongs and 40-cent flatware. Then head to Williams-Sonoma, eye the prices, and gloat.

12. Yei Mai Gourmet and Golden Bowl
51 Division St.
Chinatown, you set a skinflint’s heart pounding. At these narrow storefronts, $3 buys rice, soup, and four selections from a couple of dozen piled-high trays.


Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant
190 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Few items top $5 on a menu of ham hocks, lima-bean stew, pork cutlets, and other Warsaw winter fare. If that’s still too rich for your blood, soups start at $1.50.

85 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Steve Keene—a gallery-exhibited, cult-followed Yale Art School grad with a populist bent—sells his colorful, broad-stroke artworks at three for $5 and up.

Green Village Used Furniture & Clothing
276 Starr St., Brooklyn
The late, lamented Domsey’s in Williamsburg is gone, but Green Village still sells clothes the way a penny-pincher demands them— at $2 a pound.

Illegal Lofts
McKibbin St., Bushwick, Brooklyn
The hipsterization of West Bushwick continues apace, but there’s still cheap living if you know where to find it. Ask around at King’s County bar on nearby Siegel Street.


Patel Brothers
37-27 74th St., Jackson Heights
Take a twenty-pound bag of basmati rice and two eight-pound bags of lentils and you’ve got a month of dinners for under $25. Ward off scurvy with a $7 box of mangoes.

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