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Ten Little Cities


1. Just Food
208 E. 51st St., fourth fl.
Not everyone can—or wants to—live near the Park Slope Food Coop. This nonprofit hooks up New Yorkers in all five boroughs with CSA (community-supported agriculture) farms and community gardens.

2. Continuum Center for Health and Healing
245 Fifth Ave.
Beth Israel–affiliated complementary- and alternative-therapy center has old-school family practices (i.e., you and your kid see the same M.D.), feng shui–ed waiting rooms, and en vogue retro options like leech therapy for osteoarthritis. Really. Bonus: It takes insurance.

3. Bonobos
18 E. 23rd St.
Office types line up like slaughterhouse cows for the burgers at Shake Shack. Across the street at Bonobos, vegetarians fill up on pricey “organic as available” fruit blends (free agave nectar!) and curried almond pâté.

4. Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Community Garden
Cnr. Bowery and Houston St.
The city’s purported oldest community garden dates back to 1973. Benchwarmers (Beware! Possibly chatty!) take in the pond, flowers, grape arbor, birch trees, and veggie gardens.

5. East West Books
78 Fifth Ave.
Books on Ayurveda, meditation, and cleansing. Peaceful, nurturing singles eye each other sipping loose-leaf tea in the café.

6. Gominyc
443 E. 6th St.
Sometimes an eco-goddess doesn’t want to give up her shopping habit for the greater good. No need to, at this little-but-packed eco-chic boutique.

7. Riverhouse
1 Rockefeller Park
Late this year, the eco-moneyed will move into this green-as-can-be 264-unit building, where earth-friendly amenities will include a Birdbath (City Bakery’s green offshoot) and 24-hour access to OZOcar, the hybrid-car service (at right).

8. Ronnybrook Milk Bar
75 Ninth Ave.
Feel good about the chocolate milkshakes at this all-natural Hudson Valley milk farm’s newly renovated Chelsea Market store. The glass-bottled (no plastic leaching!) unfrozen version is available at Greenmarkets around town.

9. John Masters Organics
77 Sullivan St.
There’s no truly organic hair dye, but Masters’s comes close, with fewer PPDs (the suspected carcinogenic chemicals that open the cuticle shaft to absorb color) than the usual version.

10. Priti Organic Spa
35 E. 1st St.
Priti’s nail polish is formaldehyde-, toluene-, and dibutyl-phthalate-free. Hands are $20, feet are $30. Instead of acetone fumes, clients breathe in geranium oil. Om.

11. Appellation Wine & Spirits
156 Tenth Ave.
A biodynamic wine emporium down the avenue from the local-food destination Cookshop. Not to worry, even ardent organophiles blanch when asked to define biodynamic (agriculture that links growing to cosmic rhythms).

12. Lower East Side Ecology Center
East River Park at the Grand St. Fireboat House
The truly green manage to compost—in yards, inside worm bins, or wherever they find space. This place runs workshops spreading the gospel of “black gold.”

13. Organic Avenue
101 Stanton St.
Raw-foodists stock up on flax seeds, nut butters, goji berries, and “living” granola—along with jute yoga mats, $140 hemp cigarette jeans, plus the $6 certified-organic-cotton thongs that go underneath.

14. MooShoes
152 Allen St.
Their leatherless shoes are the ultimate in vegan footwear, even if they’re not quite Manolos. Apparently, cruelty-free translates to lots of round tips and clunky heels.


Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Le tout “Williamsburgh” shops here for local must-haves like Kingston, New York–based Fleisher’s pastured and grass-finished meats, and honey from the South Bronx.

Green Depot
1 Ivy Hill Rd., Brooklyn
Hooks up renovators with zero-VOC paint and nontoxic versions of caulk, sealant, stains, flooring, cleaning products, and names of green contractors.


Socrates Sculpture Park
3201 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City
A member of the Taoist Tai Chi Society leads classes among the outdoor sculptures. The water lapping at the shore makes for a serene vibe, if you can forget about industrial waste lurking underfoot.

44-02 23rd St., Long Island City
The green-conscious would never let a gas-guzzling Town Car idle outside Blue Hill as they devoured a perfect local meal. OZOcar’s fleet is composed entirely of hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Per hour in town: $50. To JFK: $65.

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