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Room to Work

Success requires brains, ambition— and office hours. Here’s what it looks like when you get there.


Lewis Kornhauser
NYU School of Law Professor, 40 Washington Sq. S.
However messy it might appear, Kornhauser’s office is a case study right out of the new book, A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder. “There’s an optimal degree of disorder for efficiency,” says Kornhauser, “though I think I might have passed it.” Kornhauser holds a Ph.D. in economics, and is more of a describer than a proscriber, which one might say is clear from his organizational style. Whether it’s a result of nature or nurture, his disorganization is a fact his wife and his colleagues accept, if not admire. “It’s always been like this,” he said, “but my office has gotten bigger over time, so I am able to express myself more fully.”

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