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Everything Guide to Cars

What New Yorkers drive, how they feel about it, and how they park it


Best Bets: Road Worthy
You don’t have to own a Porsche to gear up with cool accessories.
Look Book
A special vehicular edition featuring a supermarket owner, a homemaker, and more.
Transparency in Parking
It took a high-school kid on a bike to illuminate the murky world of Manhattan garage rates.
Confessions of an Urban Grease Monkey
One man's love for crap cars.
Spots Aplenty
A new theory makes parking easy, but at a price.
Name That Part
A beginner’s guide to identifying, and fixing, car parts.
Pick a Ride
New Yorkers tend not to drive everywhere—they use their cars for very specific purposes. So here, we select the models that satisfy the particular needs of the modern urban driver.
Making Cars Fly
What does it take to sell a used car in this town? A silky-smooth personality and a lot of cheap SUVs.
Decadent Commute
Commuting via automobile in Manhattan is impractically expensive, time-consuming, and selfish. But could the benefits of a really top-notch luxury car outweigh the disadvantages?


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