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London (The Other New York.)


London (The Other New York)
The U.K. capital has become a teeming global boomtown, equal parts shiny and gritty, and our cocky rival for finance, food, fashion, and plain-old fun. But let’s get serious: Would you really want to live there?
A Dinner Party
Gwyneth Paltrow apparently finds dinner parties more entertaining in London than in New York. Is it true? We dispatched two revelers to deliver post-party dossiers.
Sold on London? Not So Fast.
Emily Bobrow, an online editor for The Economist, polls her friends and colleagues on aspects of London that categorically suck.
A Guide to London's Hottest Young Stage Actors
To be a leading actor on the London stage is to have it all: fame, acclaim, and a table at the Ivy. Which of these young thesps will be the next Olivier or Dench?
Are We No Longer the World’s Financial Capital?
London is rapidly emerging as a center of financial innovation. London-based hedge funds are snapping up property in Mayfair, and London has also outgrown New York to become the world’s center of over-the-counter derivatives.
Has the Food Over There Really Become Edible?
Ten years ago, you could have blitzkrieged through London’s decent restaurants in a day or two. Not anymore. Like New York today, the city is in the grip of a profound restaurant mania.
Which Lit Scene Is More Stuck Up?
Nick Hornby, Lionel Shriver, Jonathan Burnham, and others weigh in.


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