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Whether You’re Litigious or Laid-Back—You’re Going to Need a Good Lawyer


Legal Aid
Here are some of the reasons you might need a lawyer as you travel life’s path:

Getting Married
Even if you’re vowing to be married forever, consider the other implications of saying “I do.” A bit of legal advice could come in handy—as, of course, could a prenuptial agreement making arrangements should anything go wrong between you and your beloved.

Having Kids
Now might be a good time to update your will, arrange for a guardian for your children, and think about financial arrangements (college tuition, trust funds) for your family.

Getting a Good Job
If you’re fortunate enough to have an employment contract, have your lawyer peruse it. Make sure you’re getting the most you possibly can. What will happen if you’re fired? Is notice required? Severance?

Buying a Home
Make sure you understand just what you’re buying. Are you purchasing “as is,” or did the seller promise to make some improvements?

Financial Success
The better you’re doing, the more you might need the advice of a tax lawyer or trusts and estates counsel to maximize your earnings and minimize your legal vulnerability should things head south.

Financial Calamity
A bankruptcy lawyer might be needed in the worst-case scenario, but getting some sound legal advice before reaching the brink of financial ruin could mitigate some negative consequences.

Life’s Little Mishaps— Car Accidents, Slips-and-Falls
Accidents happen, and you—or someone who’s come into contact with you—might just be prompted to say, “I’ll sue!”

Even before calling it quits, you might obtain legal advice to protect yourself.

Okay, you won’t need a lawyer if you’re the deceased, but your family may need legal help in administering your estate and transferring your assets to your heirs.


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