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Picking Their Battles

The attorneys at Silver Golub & Teitell LLP choose cases that truly make a difference.


Front row, from left: Ernest F. Teitell, David S. Golub. Back row, from left: Paul A. Slager, Richard A. Silver, Angelo A. Ziotas.  

For more than three decades, Silver Golub & Teitell LLP has set the bar for complex litigation in Connecticut. The Stamford-based firm has demonstrated its expertise while representing victims in a wide variety of challenging cases, including those involving whistle-blowers, medical malpractice, civil rights, and other catastrophic events.

The firm has obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements in Connecticut history and has held accountable corporations, governmental organizations, and other responsible defendants along the way. The firm’s work has had ramifications that extend beyond individual cases: the creation of life-saving safety procedures; the removal of dangerously defective products from the market; eliminating deceptive corporate practices; forcing compliance with safety procedures; compelling remediation of dangerous conditions; and stimulating enforcement of safety regulations.

So the cases keep coming. Partner Paul Slager says the wealth of cases that come to the firm affords its attorneys the opportunity to choose only those cases they believe are the most meritorious and important. “We’re looking for cases we really believe in,” says Slager. “Whether it’s representing a person who needs and deserves a voice, or where there’s an issue at stake that we want to go to bat for, that’s our mission: helping people who are victims and protecting people’s rights.”

This mission is immediately evident in many of the firm’s most recent cases.

"All of our attorneys are focused on making sure our clients get the same kind of representation that the largest companies have." —Paul Slager

Partners David Golub, Jonathan Levine, Marilyn Ramos, and Craig Yankwitt recently won a significant victory at the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit on behalf of a serviceman who lost his position at a large national bank, following deployment overseas. The firm’s attorneys proved in a groundbreaking trial that the bank had failed to honor a federal statute protecting the jobs of reservists who are sent to serve overseas. After protracted litigation and the employer’s appeal, the 2nd Circuit affirmed the favorable trial verdict in all respects. “It was a gratifying win for a serviceman who dropped everything to serve his country, then returned, only to find his employer had turned its back on him,” says Golub.

Partners Angelo Ziotas and Peter Dreyer recently handled a case against a local municipality for its negligence in the injury of an inexperienced young swimmer. The child suffered severe brain damage after spending almost five minutes underwater, unnoticed by the lifeguards charged with watching him. The boy now requires a lifetime of expensive therapies and assistance. Ziotas says, “We wanted to ensure that the boy has the means to make his life as fulfilling as possible, while lifting an enormous financial strain off his family.”

For several years now, Partners Ernie Teitell, Dreyer, and Slager have represented a family in a product liability suit against a local municipality and one of the country’s largest pool supply manufacturers. Teitell says, “This case is about making the pool and spa industry take notice that safety must be their number one priority.” The client will donate all net proceeds from the lawsuit to the ZAC Foundation, which is dedicated to advancing child safety issues nationwide.

Partners Richard Silver and Kathleen Brandt recently won a victory on behalf of the estate of a late servicewoman. They earned a substantial settlement against a Veterans Affairs hospital and its employees for medical malpractice after an inadequate evaluation in the emergency room led to her fatal stroke. “This case called new attention to the need for revisions in emergency room procedures at the Veterans Affairs Hospital,” says Silver.

The firm has also taken on cases against large companies whose shortcuts have produced dangerous accidents. In February 2010, a powerful explosion at the Middletown Kleen Energy power plant killed five workers and injured many more. Slager represents the widow of one of the workers killed in the blast in a suit against the plant’s owners. The client is a woman with tremendous needs: In addition to now being the sole caregiver of a 6-year-old daughter, she also is on disability due to a debilitating medical condition that requires expensive medical care, and she faces the prospect of losing her husband’s health insurance benefits. Slager has brought the case to resolution. “It certainly can never fill the gaping hole left in her life,” he says. “But, finally, the devastating financial pressure she and her young daughter have been under will be alleviated.”

“All of our attorneys are focused on making sure our clients get the same kind of representation that the largest companies have,” says Slager. “It’s enormously rewarding to be a part of something that’s going to make a difference.”


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