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Caffeinate Efficiently

Even the smallest changes in your coffee habit can save hundreds of dollars a year. The following calculations assume two cups of coffee a day, either purchased at a store or brewed at home.


Rethink Your Grande
In a blind taste test of seven coffees, our food critic Adam Platt ranked Starbucks’ $2.11 cup of coffee last. Which is fortunate, since you can save $233 a year by switching to the $1.79 cup at Dunkin’ Donuts. But if you love Starbucks, drinking it at home will save you $1,222.

Be a Frugal Gourmand
Abraço’s cup of coffee came in first in Platt’s rankings, but it also costs a hefty $2.50 at the store. Save $547 switching to his second favorite, the $1.75 cup at Gimme! Coffeeor save $1,345 brewing Abraço’s Counter Culture beans yourself.

Annual Savings: $1,565
(For an Abraço patron who switches to the cheapest alternative, brewing Dunkin’ at home.)


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