Cheap Tickets
From Broadway to Carnegie Hall, how to get 'em.
• Plus: Willing to Work for Your TIcket?

Museum Math
When and where to see what for free—or at least a discount.

• Free TV Tapings
• Free Film Screenings
• Free Walking Tours

  Discount Designer Duds
Keep your money and still look fabulous.

Buying Art on a Budget
Bankable strategies for buying high-quality contemporary art.

• Outlet Mall Trips
• Furniture Steals

  Our Annual List of the Best Bargain Bites
103 great discoveries under $25.

Get it For Less
A selection of less expensive doppelgänger venues.

Cheap Streets
Certain drags are gold mines for good grub. Follow us.

• Four-Star Fast Food
• Bars that BBQ for Free

  Hotels for $150 or Less
A neighborhood guide to cheap sleeps.

Buses Outta Here
How to make a cheap East Coast trip.

• Airport Transport


Stretching $50 in Jackson Heights
The bargains in the city's most eclectic neighborhood go well beyond all-you-can-eat buffets. We took fifty bucks and walked 25 blocks.

Plus: What $50 Gets You In...

real estate
The State of the Bargain Neighborhood
A few years ago, New Yorkers refusing to shell out thousands for a cubicle-sized studio retreated to these locales. But are they still a bargain?

>>Plus: Tips for Improving Your Street Smarts
Salon Savings
Can't fathom shelling out three figures for a haircut? Make an appointment with a stylist-in-training. The following top salons hold regular 'training nights' where you can get a cut for a fraction of their regular price.

Minimal Maintenance
The monthly cost of staying well-groomed can total more than your apartment's rent. Here's how to get pampered at a pauper's price.
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