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How to Rewire a Lamp in Three Easy Steps

There's no need to throw your favorite piece of lighting away.


Illustration by John Burgoyne  

  1. 1. Disassemble the lamp by unscrewing or pulling the headpiece off and removing the plastic base. Buy a quick plug and a new length of electrical wire, and splice and strip a half-inch at one end. Thread the wire through the lamp, stripped end first, leaving some length at the top and bottom. The bases of most lamps have a small slot or hole to route the wire out.
  2. 2. Pull apart the outer casing of the headpiece. Thread the stripped end of the wire through the bottom part, twist a wire end around each of the screws in the main part, and then tighten the screws. Put the headpiece back together and attach it to the lamp.
  3. 3. Pull the tangs out of the plug casing. Push the tangs apart. Insert the end of the wire at the lamp’s base through the casing and into the base of the tangs. Push the tangs together (the plug cuts through the insulation to make the connection). Put the case back on around the wire. Plug in the lamp.


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