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Working the Levels

A stadium breakdown for satisfying every dream.


Illustration by L-Dopa  


Where to Go…

…To Catch a Foul Ball
Megafan Zack Hample, who has personally brought home 3,000-plus balls from major-league games, recommends monitoring the aisle behind field-level sections 43 to 73 (first-base side) and 36 to 62 (third-base side). For balls that fly straight over the backstop, try sections 609 to 630 on the upper deck.

…To Get a Souvenir
Stand in the front of sections 332 to 344 and 339 overlooking the outfield during batting practice, address players by their first name while wearing the cap of whatever team they play for, and say “Please” in their native language (usually English, Spanish, or Japanese).

...To Avoid the Mayhem
Box seats for a minor-league Staten Island Yankees game are $13.

…To Pay As Much As You Possibly Can
Luxury Suite 332: $8,000 for twenty seats and three passes for the players’ parking lot. Add $2,500 if it’s a Mets or Red Sox game or opening day, $1,000 for dinner, and $2,500 (Joe Pepitone, above) to $30,000 (Whitey Ford) for a former Yankee to watch the game with you, for a max cost of $41,500.

…To Catch a Home Run
According to Greg Rybarczyk of, 49 Yankee Stadium home runs landed in left-field seats last year; 106 landed in right. For the best shot at one, sit on the aisle between bleacher sections 39 and 41, the destination of 21 homers.

…To Check Your Bag
The Yankees are the only major-league team that doesn’t allow anything larger than a handbag into their games, and they don’t provide checking services. Instead, go to Stan’s Sports World (850 River Ave., nr. 158th St.). Cost: $10.

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