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The Everything Guide to the Bike Commute


Safety TipsDon’t Tailgate That Taxi
And other basic safety tips to get you there in one piece.
Work RulesGood Morning, Freight Elevator
Before you can store your bike at work, there are some forms to file.
Essential GearThe Essentials
Gear to bring to work, and a website to map the way.
SupercommuterThe Supercommuter
Joe Simonetti rides 44 miles from Westchester to midtown twice a week.
Outdoor to OfficeFrom Outdoor to Office
How to brave the elements in work attire.

Bicycling to work in this city was once an act of near lunacy reserved for couriers, ped-cabbies, and delivery boys. That was before the Bloomberg administration went on a bike-lane spree, doubling the number of car-free lanes (there are now 200 miles’ worth) since 2005. Then, last July, the City Council passed the Bicycle Access Law, which will force landlords to allow bikes into office buildings starting in December. The law clears one major hurdle to making a two-wheeled commute less of an ordeal, but others remain: avoiding rogue car doors, for instance, or persuading your boss to let you park in the conference room. We’ve addressed those matters on the following pages, and gathered safety tips from veteran riders, good-looking products to carry, and words of inspiration from a guy who commutes 44 miles from upstate.


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