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Look Book: Automotive Edition


Nita Sulzer, Homemaker

That’s a lovely color.
It’s called Seafrost. We always get the silvers, but this year I said to my husband, “I think it’s time for a change. Let’s get another color.” I saw Seafrost; I said, “I love it”; we got it.

Have you always had Jaguars?
Oh, yes. There’s no other car that rides like a Jaguar.

Never drive anything else?
We had a Lexus and a Lincoln, but once we got the Jaguar, we never looked back.

Where do you live?
We live in Manhasset, right up the street from the Americana shopping center. Very convenient! We’re in the same condo 22 years now. If you think this car is beautiful, you should see the condo. We have a clubhouse, three tennis courts, and a swimming pool. It’s beautiful here, it really is. And we have security at the gates, so I don’t worry about anyone coming in and robbing me.

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